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Posted by TriVita Team on Jan 16, 2017 1:00:00 PM


Medical research shows that a sedentary lifestyle plus increased stress levels raise your risk of obesity plus increases your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and cancer. 1

Going to the gym is great, but remember … a more realistic goal is to simply move MORE this year. The human body isn’t meant to sit bent and hunched in a chair day each day … it’s designed to be active and MOVE.


Moving more not only increases your physical health, it helps tame and reduce the stress in your body and mind from the added endorphins, oxygen and blood flow pumping through the body.2

How can you move more each day? The choices are so many! Think about:

  • 1000 extra steps
  • 10 more minutes per day of cardio activity
  • 5 more minutes of stretching your muscles for better posture and strength
  • dancing while you clean the kitchen
  • walks around the building for every hour of desk work
  • 30 seconds of mindful breathing
  • Isometrics while you wait in the grocery line

What else comes to mind as ways to move more? Jot it down on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself.

Moving more for health and less stress is simple but requires consistency. Below are a few tips to maintaining consistency THROUGHOUT the year!


1 } Remind Yourself

Make an appointment with yourself to be active. Use a phone or computer reminder (such as Google Calendar or the built-in alarm clock) to remind you when it’s time. Do it yourself or join up with a friend (furry ones count!) or colleague to go get your body active.

2 } Focus On Reality

Make specific goals to establish or re-establish healthy physical activities. Be realistic. Start slow. A little every day goes a long way!

3 } Keep Positive

Say NO to negative self-talk! If you mess up, start again! Remaining positive throughout your days is crucial to learning a new habit and repeating it again and again.

Moving more doesn’t have to be difficult or drastic! Start slow, be consistent and remember our mantra:

Move MORE! A little today goes a long way!





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