Blood Sugar-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Holiday Eating

Posted by TriVita Team on Dec 15, 2016 3:00:00 PM

There ARE ways to enjoy holiday eating while keeping your blood-sugar levels in check and stable. Consider some of the tips  below!


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1 } Plan Ahead

To keep your blood sugar even, plan to eat at your usual time each day. If a holiday event calls for a later time than normal, eat close to your usual time to keep your blood sugar steady. If your meal is served later than normal, eat a small snack at your usual mealtime and eat a little less when dinner is served.1


2 } Don’t Skip Meals

If you skip meals to ‘save’ calories for more sweet treats, it may be harder to manage your blood sugar. Skipping meals creates a blood sugar roller coaster,2  which will make you even more sensitive to sugar’s effect on your body. Skipping meals also means you may be very hungry and more likely to overeat.


3 } Move After You Eat

Think of being active as your secret weapon against extra food intake not to mention extra stress. Take a walk with family and friends after your meal. Exercise is a great way to lower blood sugar levels3 and helps to manage extra calories and stress levels.


4 } BYOD (Bring Your Own Dessert)

Try out a healthy recipe using sugar substitutions like berries or stevia, to make a healthier version of your favorite holiday treat. Try incorporating some extra cinnamon or dark chocolate sprinkles for additional health benefits and blood sugar support.







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